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Women Who Lead

Some topics are wisely avoided at all costs. This is probably one of those topics.

But, let's place it front and center anyway.

When a topic becomes unapproachable, we are then in grave danger of erring. Erring is common when there is a lack of honest analysis.

So. Here goes.

Read the Bible. God presents Himself to us as masculine.

So, whatever masculinity is (God being eternal and unchanging), HE was that before Adam was ever created. Humanity is made in the image of God, not the other way around. And, Paul claimed that man reflects God's glory. Also that woman reflects man's glory (1st Corinthians 11:7).

Mad yet?

Will Kamala Harris be POTUS?

I don't know much about her.

If she would call abortion murder and homosexuality a perversion, she would get my vote.

Hell might freeze over.

But seriously, what about women in leadership?

There is no doubt as to the equality of value between men and women. That is, every individual soul is of measureless worth. All the wealth of the world isn't as weighty as the significance of your soul. And in this case, your gender is absolutely irrelevant. In Christ there is neither male nor female (Galatians 3:28).

Yet, Scriptures are very plain. In the church, women are not to teach doctrine to men (1st Timothy 2:12). Specifically, women are not to hold the office of a bishop (1st Timothy 3:1-2). A bishop (pastor) is an overseer or presiding officer in the church.

No girls allowed. And I didn't make the ruling.

Additionally, I do NOT have a personal axe to grind.

I know many people who seem to me to be very godly Christians. Gifted and capable. Their maturity, discipline, and spirituality doesn't seem to be related to their gender.

Yet, the decree stands.

Very few denominations respect this discriminatory principle any more, but it is written nonetheless.

Pretty sure our modern culture and the "enlightened" sensibilities of 21st century western civilization have not yet proven themselves worthy of respect or adherence.

But I digress.

Here's the thing. Jesus presented Himself in a hierarchical relationship with His Father. Equal, yet submissive. Completely submissive.

If Jesus wasn't dissatisfied with His place in the Trinity, why should any of us be dissatisfied with our station?

Answer: "Easy for you to say. You're a man."

There IS one who was dissatisfied. The name you're looking for is Lucifer.

So, in any case, if a woman aspires to masculinity - mistake.

That doesn't mean she can't lead though.

Mad yet?

Proverbs 31 describes the virtuous woman as a very confident and strong leader in her home and community. True, her husband seems to reap the immediate benefit of her strength. Still, we find her exercising, buying real estate, running several businesses at once; all while ordering her household with skill and expertise. She is no groveling minion. She is inspired and inspiring. She is an example to her family and to her neighbors. And it isn't a threat or an affront to her husband. It is a blessing to him.

Oh indeed, God made Eve for Adam. He made her to complete him. Adam NEEDED help. The first woman matched the first man, and together they reflected the image of God perfectly.

Until they didn't.

And the with the fall came the curse. And the curse included tension between the genders. HER desire will be toward HIM and HE shall rule over HER (Genesis 3:16). This isn't a description of divine harmony between the sexes. It's not, "Do it like this and everybody will be happy." It's a curse. But it's a curse that we will not escape from until the kingdom of God comes to earth in fullness and glory.

And so, I write.

"Oh, but you're not a woman. Your opinion doesn't matter. You can't speak to this. You're not allowed. At best, you're inadvertently and incurably biased. You're just defending your place of privilege and power."

Then write your own piece. The world I live in is better when many angles and perspectives are considered. Yes, I'm biased. Everyone is.

Still, how about a female POTUS?

Biden seems utterly unfit to lead. I've met residents in dementia units who weren't much worse than Joe. Of course, with the politics he is known for, ineptitude is our best hope (if he succeeds in his bid for office).

There doesn't appear to be any prohibition from God against females in positions of status and power in the state. I shouldn't even have to point this out. It should be obvious. Perhaps it is. But there are some who interpret the traditional patriarchal ecclesiology of fundamental Baptists to be a broad stroke putting all women under all men in every circumstance.


Refusing to ordain women or to endorse the ordination of women into pastoral ministry should not be construed as a principle that extends elsewhere. Even in the church, Paul specifically taught that women were to be in subjection to their own husband; not to men in general. Christ honored His head, which is God. A woman honors her head, which is her husband (1st Corinthians 11:3). And he honor's Christ.

So, it is a man's world (James Brown & Betty Jean Newsome).

Unpopular truth? Indeed.

Of course, women play too. Frequently at a disadvantage? Historically, yes. But not always.

Competency is the greatest equalizer.

How did Deborah become the judge over Israel. Divine providence, no doubt. But in the eyes of the people it was about proficiency. She knew the answers.

How did Phoebe become such a prominent deacon, with a carte blanche endorsement from Paul (along with Priscilla - see Romans 16:1-3)? Her capability in the business of the church was clearly exemplary.

If you've read this far, let me really ruin my reputation for good.

A man can't take the woman's curse. Pain in childbearing is unique to the feminine back. Obviously.


Women CAN take the man's curse.

The bread-winning responsibility falls to the man. Even if the woman is better at it, the responsibility is his.

So, she might be a better soldier. But should men send their wives, daughters, and mothers off to war?

She could be the best peace officer ever to wear a badge. But will she have challenges that no man would ever face?

She might climb the corporate ladder to the very top. And I sincerely tip my hat in congratulations and admiration. But with few exceptions, she will carry two burdens rather than one.

In Isaiah 3 we read a great curse that the prophet placed on the people of God. Among other things, the curse included God taking away male leadership and relegating the responsibility to women and children. It's no slight to the women really. But it is a great slam of the men who failed to take their responsibility in hand.

Some women lead because they are simply better at it. But, some women lead simply because men won't do it.

Did you make it all the way though? What are your thoughts?

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