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Where is Hope Found?

The hope of the ignorant at Babel was not found in the weapons Nimrod.

The hope of the poor in Egypt was not the wealth of the Pharaoh.

The hope of the oppressed in Philistia was not Abimelech, or Goliath.

The hope of Israel was not Saul, David, or Solomon.

The hope of the slaves in Syria was not Benhadad, nor was it Naaman.

The hope of the victims of Assyria was not Tiglathpileser; nor was it Sennacherib or Rabshakeh.

The hope of the captives in Babylon was not to be found in proud Nebuchadnezzar.

The hope of the displaced in Persia was not mighty Cyrus.

The hope of the world during the rise of the Greeks was certainly not to be found in Alexander the Great.

The hope of the citizens of Rome could never be found in Ceasar.

The hope of Russia will never be found in Czars, dictators, or presidents.

The hope of Europe is not in kings, unions, treaties, philosophies, or political movements.

The hope of Africa is not in its chieftains, nor is it in industrialization or modernization.

The hope of China and India is not their size.

The hope of Japan is not her progress.

The hope of nations is not education, tradition, culture, militarization, or isolation.

The hope of America was not Donald Trump. It isn't Joe Biden. It isn't a party or the defeat of a party. It isn't hidden in the libraries or universities. It isn't riding on our economic success. It isn't in our military, not in the erection of a border wall or the destruction of a border wall. It isn't in the Supreme Court. It isn't in our government, regardless of how large or small it gets.

The hope of the world is Jesus. He was the only hope in 2020. He will be the only hope in 2021. He has always been our only hope. The only hope anyone has ever had can only be found in the eternal person and redemptive work of the Son of God.

Let the chicken littles on social media decry our doom. Let the sycophants in the media grovel and pander. Let the rich and famous spew their virtue signals. Let the academics and aristocrats congratulate each other and exchange awards. Let the ignorant masses march in lockstep behind the pied pipers of political correctness. Let the perpetually dissatisfied hedonists pursue the dainties of this life. Let's (you and I) turn our eyes upon Jesus. He is our hope. And, our hope is sure.

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