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Systemic Something

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We are worse together than we are as individuals.

As individuals, we're bad enough.

And, God sees us corporately.

Recently I heard someone claim that systemic racism is possible even if there are no racists in the system.

Before you explode, hear me out. Logically that is absolutely possible. In theory you can imagine an human ecology that disproportionally provides advantages to some ethnic cultures while suppressing others.

Of course, it's difficult to figure out who should pay for this criminal-less crime. Marxists would call for the sacrifice of the beneficiaries of said system.

We know what really happens.

There are always beneficiaries in every system. Communism doesn't do what socialists claim. It doesn't move money around until everyone has the same amount. It first reduces the total amount of wealth and then transfers the paltry remainder from those who earn and inherit it to the political and military elements of the nation. So, don't be fooled by that system. It lies. Plus, it suppresses the actual solution.

While some systems of living and regulating life are better and others worse, all are comprised of imperfect people. The ultimate problem isn't the system. It is the people who work the system.

In the USA we have a constitutional republic. It's a great system. If.

If it is comprised of moral, disciplined, honorable citizens, and responsible leaders who willingly submit to the principles of law (revealed, natural & contrived) - then and only then is this system noble.

A totalitarian dictatorship with a relatively noble leader has better potential than any form of democracy populated and lead by miscreants and foolish despots.

Of course the pace of destruction is not equal in all systems of living.


That's what we are talking about here. Hamartiology really.

There IS a system that is truly broken. There is a system that needs to be burned down and replaced. Not capitalism. Not western civilization. Not systemic racism.

The irreparable system is the natural system we all inherited from our original progenitor.


It's the sin nature.

We are born into it. It's in our blood. It is inevitable. It damns us all.

No economic policy can fix it. No legislated morality can hide it. No political structure can protect us from it.

It's in the mirror. It's in our dreams and nightmares. We breathe it out with every exhale.

So what is to be done?

We have to start over. Completely destroy what we have, and begin again.

Ye must be born again.

You are of your father the devil and his works you will do.


It always comes down to that. Ask any question you like: Jesus.

He was destroyed on the cross. Voluntarily. To put down the systemic race sin that plagues us all. He became the system so it could be killed. He was resurrected to establish a new one.

In time (at the end of time), He will literally destroy everything that now exists. All of the cosmos. Gone.

Then, a new earth. A new heaven. A new universe. Free from the cancer of sin.

Jesus is a second Adam. A new Adam. The last Adam.

So the problem is indeed systemic. Systemic something. But it isn't the white man's fault. Or the black man's. Or any other man's. Except the first man. And every man. The system is in us. It is inescapable apart from the provision of the sacrifice of our impeccable Christ.

Accept His system. Redemption. Imputed righteousness and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That will fix it. Nothing else will.

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