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Supremacy or Privilege

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Why pick up a tar baby?

Fools rush in where angels fear to trod. I may be a fool, but I’m not rushing.

I am white. At least partially. Probably more of a combination of alloy orange, antique brass, and apricot. With brown polkadots.

History tells that groups have repeatedly risen to see “our kind” reign supreme. With white robes and no identity, they have attacked and destroyed.

They believed themselves better. Being better, they believed their place and power should be protected. Preserved. Defended. Promoted.

Such cowards still exist.

Worse, more dangerous, or at least more annoying, are those who sympathize with them.

There is no defense.

But now we have a new version. This one is strange. This monster has been dreamt up by the victims rather than the culprits.

White privilege.

What is a white dude supposed to think of this?


Let’s back up a minute.

If we can’t speak the truth (albeit kindly and carefully, if not cautiously) then we are doomed. If we can’t talk plainly and challenge concepts, then the strong survive and we can only pity the weak.

But that’s the whole point, isn’t it. Who is strong?

Well, that depends on what we value.

I, for one, want to challenge the strong. It is not glorious to destroy the dying or to trample the dead.

There is no benefit in speaking only in echo chambers and admiring the sound of our own voice.

Let’s challenge the ones closest to us. Patting our own backs will not bring progress, nor preserve it.

So, let’s be raw.

All cultures are not equal.

This is not about ethnic bloodlines. This is not about geography or intelligence or strength. This is about truth.

The more truth embodied in a culture, the better that culture is. The more lies embodied in a culture, the worse.

So forget my skin. Well, don’t forget it altogether. Make a note of it. If we see undeniable patterns, then let’s go where the facts lead us.

My feelings might get hurt. Or yours. But truth is nonexpendable.

I don’t know which cultures are better and which ones are worse. I’ve been to Mexico. I don’t plan to go back. I could live out my days in peace without ever returning to any big city. So, there is that. I am biased.

You should value your culture.

My culture is valuable to me. Because it is mine. I am familiar with it. I understand it. I see the world through the only eyes I have. But is it supreme? And if it is, what should we do with our position and place?

And if it is, what should we do with our position and place!

And if yours is, what should you do with your position and place?

Supreme in what way? Superior.

We have no way of avoiding judgment. We see superiority and recognize it. All of us see it. The fastest car. The largest bank account. The prettiest. The smartest. The first.

This is human.

So, am I privileged? Yes. Why would I deny it? But is it my skin? Maybe we could look at it this way. If it’s not my biology, can we at least find that whatever my privileges are, there are more Caucasians who enjoy these privileges than those in other ethnic groups. I don’t know. But in a way it doesn’t even matter.

Let’s make up an ethnic group. Let’s make them green or blue or translucent. We’ll call them the Imaginoids. What if on average these Imaginoid peoples had a higher IQ, taller bodies, stronger men and more fertile women, etc. (or whatever traits you deem superior)? No morals here. Just science. Give them every advantage you can give them. It’s fiction. It can do no harm.

What should this race of Übermensch do with their privilege?

What should the Imaginoids do with their privilege?

What should this race of Übermensch do with their privilege?

Certainly not stamp out the inferior people groups! But neither should they feel guilt. That’s for sure. Gratitude. Generosity. Compassion. Sure! But what good will guilt do?

I reject all aspects of the historic and current concept of white supremacy. Ethnic groups have unique traits. Celebrate each noble characteristic in any group. God made me who I am, and I embrace it (at least the parts not tainted with Adam’s deviance). But if I am superior to anyone in any way and for any reason, I desire to use that strength to lift up my neighbor, not to hold them down. If anything, at best I’m an average human. Maybe a little below average. In a way, I don’t even care. I desire to be superior to what I was yesterday. To give a supreme effort in every circumstance. That is something every human can do. Will each be rewarded equally for the same effort. No. Is that fair. No. Still, guilt won’t help.

And if you are superior, then congratulations. I’m not to envy you.

Back to the privilege thing.

Am I privileged? Maybe. Probably. When compared to most people in history, or even in the world today, no doubt the list of advantages I’ve been afforded is rather long. What is the source of those privileges? There are many mediate sources: good and otherwise. But be careful. Describing the privileged as such and hating them for it is little better than me describing myself as privileged and hating you for it.

Both are evil and fruitless.

Here is the right recipe: Devine Supremacy & Human Privilege. God is supreme. He is superior to all us and should therefore be The One in charge. But, instead of embracing that, humanity despises Him for His place and attempts to supplant Him. Jehovah is supreme.

Jehovah God is supreme.

Jehovah the Savior is supreme. Look what He does with His “advantages” - HE GIVES!

We are privileged.

You are privileged. All of us. One way or another, we are privileged. The privilege that everyone innately hungers for is already ours. If we will accept it.

(You knew we would end up here).

Jesus died to redeem you, me, and everyone else. The price has been paid. The tickets are printed. Claim yours. You can be a member of the family of God; a citizen of heaven; an heir of eternal life.

The ground is level at the foot of the cross.

And if you receive it. Don’t feel guilty. Feel generous. Give the good news to others. Destroying white supremacy OR white privilege will not solve the world’s problems. Even if you win the argument, we’re all on a sinking ship. We need off the ship altogether.

Jesus is the answer.

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