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Property Rights

Everything comes down to ownership.

We are not allowed to worship any gods other than the God who made us, and who owns us because He made us. That’s about property rights.

We are commanded never to produce idols for ourselves, because if we do we will bow in the shadow of those false gods and forget the one true God. Idols are contraband. Property rights. We have no right to own such property. Or at least, if found on our person, God reserves the right to fine us with eternal fees.

We must never use the name of God in an empty and hollow manner. It is His name, not ours. Slander of His name is a moral crime. Property rights.

Remember to keep the seventh day holy. God gave us 6 days to get our work done. Saturday is His. We have no right to take it for ourself. Property rights.

Honor parents. They brought us into the world. We belong to them and they are the only parents we’ve got. Property rights. Also property responsibility.

Murder is a transgression. My neighbor’s life belongs to him (or her), not to me. Property rights.

Never commit adultery. Every person must find their own spouse. Don’t be messing round with somebody else’s. Property rights.

Don’t steal. Property rights.

Don’t lie about my neighbor. The truth is not mine to manipulate. All truth is God's truth. Property rights.

I am not permitted to look at my neighbor’s possessions while wishing that I had ownership instead of them. Property rights.

Original sin? Satan looking at territory that wasn’t rightfully his and trying to claim it for himself. He wanted a share of God’s throne. That was property he had no right to claim, attack, or even covet.

The fall? Eve was deceived and Adam rebelled; taking fruit that wasn’t theirs to take.

Derek Chauvin did not own the life or the neck of George Floyd. I do not know what George did or didn’t do. I do not know what Derek Chauvin’s reasons or thoughts were. I do know that the video shows Chauvin crossing a line that he had no right to cross. It certainly smells of racism. In any case, it was evil. That’s called a trespass. A trespass.

Have you ever thought about this? Every sin is a trespass. No trespassing!

Your freedom ends where my nose begins. That’s not just American justice, that’s biblical morality. It’s also common sense. Anyone violating the property rights of another, immediately forfeits some of their own.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Amen to that. And no, Gandhi, the whole world doesn’t go blind. I have no right to take Jack or Jill’s eye just because Tom or Jane took mine. That makes no sense. If Tom did the crime, then Tom should do the time.

So, no. There will be no endorsement of the destruction of property just because there has been injustice. Measureless injustice, I admit. Long. Too long. Abominable injustice. White men in power using that position to oppress, subjugate, belittle, abuse and even kill our black brothers. But it changes nothing about the old principle: 2 wrongs do not add up to a right.

The God who made church and family also ordained justice at the hands of men. We call that government. Government has the right and the responsibility to carry a sword and to distribute justice. Not lynching. Not rioting. Not anarchy. Not chaos. Not oppression. Certainly not officer Chauvin as judge, jury and executioner.

What says the Bible? Respect. You want to burn your own property in protest? Help yourself. It’s yours. You burn someone else’s or take someone else’s property, then you just surrendered some of your own. And depending on the circumstances, you may have just surrendered your safety, or even your life. For sure, burning, looting, swearing and attacking innocent citizens can never bring the change that is needed (and that some claim they are fighting for). It will do the opposite. Doubtless most protesters know this and agree. They must exert their… Check that. We must exert our influence with enough strength to protect those not responsible for the crimes. And, we must hold those who are responsible accountable.

So, the system is broken? I don’t disagree. But you will not fix your computer with a sledge hammer. Let’s listen. Really listen. And, let’s not allow evil people to take our property. Justice. Peace. Country. History. Freedom. Truth. Identity. Such real estate must be defended. Evil people - be they government officials, policemen, mobs of opportunistic miscreants, aspiring politicians, bloodthirsty journalists, or social media banty roosters - must be opposed, or ignored, or rebuked, or replaced… depending on the circumstances.

I’m no expert. But, I have a perspective and the freedom to share it. It’s mine. God gave it to me. It’s my property. You are welcome to claim it as your own, if you like. You are not welcome to silence me. You are welcome to disagree. You have the right to be wrong. (I’m smiling affectionately).

So, everything - from God’s sovereignty, to national sovereignty, to individual autonomy - is a direct expression or reflection of property rights.

Most of all, your soul. You own nothing of more value than your soul. And yet, your soul and mine is not rightfully our own. God made me and He has purchased my soul for Himself. I’m twice His. Redemption is the ultimate real estate deal. God owns us. We are His property. And what a deal! God is a generous land owner. He is the proprietor of heaven and earth, and He has given it all to His Son. But that’s not all. He has made us co-inheritors of all that belongs to Christ. Also: good news, God is well willing and able to defend what is His.

I’m His property. He has every right to do whatever He likes with that which is His. Rest easy. Embrace it. Relish it. Celebrate it.

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