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Impossible Things (5)


As a child, I was exposed to a little Sunday School song that went like this: “God can do anything, anything, anything. God can do anything, but fail. He can save. He can keep. He can cleanse, and He will. God can do anything but fail. He’s the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He’s the fairest of 10,000 to my soul.” Then the song repeated the first few phrases again.

Well, not only was that a great little song, that is a great BIG truth! God can’t fail.

His arm is not too short. His strength is never too small. His plan is in no way faulty. His vision is never limited. His will never runs low. Whatever He attempts, He succeeds at.

Now, that by itself is amazingly good news. But there is better news still. Connected with the wonderful fact of God’s impeccability is an equally wonderful fact of our place in His plan. He has attached Himself to us, and us to Him. The Bible literally describes us (as God’s children) as co-laborers together with God and as joint heirs with His Son, Jesus Christ.

There are so many illustrations of this in the Bible. With God’s grace, Noah build a boat that saved he and his family from a worldwide flood. With God’s blessing, David defeated Goliath. With God’s power on Him, Samson did many seemingly impossible things. With God’s gospel, 12 men and a little more that 100 disciples turned the world upside-down and against all opposition established Christianity as a worldwide religion. With God’s commission, Jonah survived 3 days in the belly of a whale and then preached the greatest revival in history.

And, there are many other such stories.

In John 14:12-14 (NLT) it is recorded that Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in Me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything in My name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask Me for anything in My name, and I will do it!

Wow! What a claim! Jesus did some pretty awesome things, right? From changing water into wine to walking on water, His brief ministry (3.5 years long) was filled with spectacular miracles and accomplishments that seemed impossible. YET, He said that WE can do greater works than He did?!

We might tend to stop with a little curious inquisition into what exactly He was talking about. That is indeed a worthwhile effort. Perhaps He was speaking of the great miracles of the apostles. Maybe it was the longevity of their ministries, or the successful establishment of the church, or the number of converts that the apostles saw (or that the church as a whole has seen). But we don’t want to stop with an academic exploration of this matter. We don’t want to be guilty of having a “form of godliness” while simultaneously “denying the power thereof.”

So what should we do with this great statement of our Lord?

Answer: attempt great things in service to God!

That was the famous expression of William Carey (missionary to India), "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.” But, that shouldn’t just be the mantra of dead Christian heroes! That should be your mantra and mine. We should be like the great prince Jonathan who said to his armor bearer, “It may be that the LORD will work for us: for there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.” (1st Samuel 14:6)

Or, like the 3 Hebrew children of the prophet Daniel’s day who knew that God was able to save them from the burning fiery furnace. They actually didn’t even know for sure IF God was going to intervene on their behalf or not, but they didn’t doubt that He could and so they plowed ahead boldly (Daniel 3).

Daniel prayed despite the danger to his life. Paul preached despite the danger to his life. Gideon went out to war despite the impossibility of the odds (and the danger to his life). The list could go on and on.

Peter and John stood up to the very leaders who had executed their Master. They were abused and threatened, but it didn’t stop them. They attempted great things despite the danger.

Do you get the point?

If God can’t fail and if He has promised to go with us to the ends of the earth as we go in His name to fulfill the mission He has assigned to us (and, HE has), then we should be attempting bigger things than ever. We shouldn’t play it safe or attempt some kind of incognito form of Christianity. The Christians at Pentecost were bold and courageous. Let us all be the same.

If God be for us, then who can be against us!

So, what impossible thing will your life be devoted to? What will YOU accomplish through the power of God?

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