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Hijacking Justice

The 2nd paragraph (under the "about" section on their own website) includes an affirmation/endorsement/defense of "Black queer and trans folks" and "all Black lives along the gender spectrum." Their words; not mine.

I wouldn't recommend going to their site. The site left 8 "magic cookies" on my web browser. (If you don't already know, "The purpose of the cookie is to help the website keep track of your visits and activity." -

This is not about hate. Well, not about me (or us) hating blacks nor even hating blacks who practice an "alternative lifestyle."

Neither is it about fear. Or self-righteousness. Or ignorance.

They hate us. Trust me.

But that isn't the point either.

There are really 2 primary points here that are worth noticing and remembering. 1. The BLM movement is not in the least bit honestly interested in all black lives. It is fairly obvious that BLM disciples don't mention black-on-black crime often enough for it to be noticed. And to these radicals, unborn black lives are completely disposable. 2. The BLM movement is a racist organization whose core principles are antichrist.

I'm not claiming that they hate white people (though surely some do). My claim is that in function they hate black people.

You want to talk about systemic racism. That's exactly what BLM is erecting.

They are hijacking a legitimate issue: the reality that far too often the lives of our black neighbors have not mattered as much as the lives of our white neighbors.

If the issue being raised was inequality based upon ethnicity, I would listen and help. But when the movement attaches "rider bills" that end up being the ultimate goal of their agenda, that's dishonest at best.

A simple Google search yields 2 definitions for racism.

- "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized."

- "the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another."

Using the color of the skin of a whole massive group of Americans to promote marxism, anarchy, profiteering, chaos, and political objectives is bad enough. That is indeed happening. But using an entire minority group and their actual suffering as an army of slaves to drag your sled of "progressive sexual objectives" is perhaps the most racist of strategies anywhere and at any time in history.

If I were a black man, I think I would want to declare war on BLM.

Let's be clear. When it comes to human sexuality, I'm not the standard or the lawmaker. My feelings are irrelevant.

It wouldn't matter if I was tempted by homosexuality or wanted to make homosexuality a capital crime. What matters is that God created one man and one woman and ordered clearly how their sexuality should be expressed. Anything outside of heterosexual monogamous fidelity within the bonds of traditional marriage is a perversion of God's design.

Shacking up? Sin.

Adultery? Sin.

Pedophilia? Sin.

Homosexuality? Sin.

Pornography? Sin.

All of it. Every brand of sexual deviance. That which is as common as i-phones and that which is as rare as 8 track tapes. Sin. If it isn't what God ordained originally, then it is wrong.

So, to use the plight of an entire "race" of humanity as a facade for your evil agenda is to me perhaps the most despicable, deplorable, depraved, demonic, damnable strategy I have ever encountered.

But why say so?

Liberal radicals aren't likely to ever read my words.

Soft moderate Christians are not even likely to have the patience to pay attention to me.

I have 1 attentive audience: conservative Christians. Well, a few of them.

I mean, when I preach the gospel, that is to all the world. But I'm trying to feed the flock of God here. Those entrusted to my care. And to warn my Christian co-workers of the danger that lurks nearby. And to you, my message must be strong.

Don't get distracted.

Some decent Christians (who are overcome with empathy) are failing to take the time to see what is being smuggled in under the guise of racial justice.

Other decent Christians are so determined to defeat their political opponents that they fail to admit and address actual injustices.

I had a friend write me recently with the following observation: "Been thinking about something, I saw a gay pride bumper sticker that said love is universal. And I realized, they're right, love is universal. Lust and fornication are not universal, But love is, and by adopting true slogans for the purpose of furthering their campaign, they're making arguing against their stance very difficult."

So, Black Lives DO Matter. And, there is nothing wrong with saying so. It is a true slogan. Retorting that "all lives matter" or that "blue lives matter" is certainly true, but it misses the point. Not that it matters in the minds of those who consider us to be their enemies. But for our children and for Christians who are wavering uncertainly, we need to be smarter and more careful in how we address the issue.

Denying that police brutality exists or claiming that abuse is rare doesn't address the deepest issues. It keeps the battle raging on the surface while covert operatives obtain money and gain power for the purpose of doing something so much more dangerous and insidious than the mere promotion of "white guilt" or some other nebulous social spirit.

No doubt about it, the answer is the gospel of Christ.

The problem is that we are mostly just preaching it to each other.

Of course we are blessed and do benefit from rehearsing the gospel to ourselves. But that won't stop Satan and his plethora of evil-preaching soldiers from marching on.

We have to take positions politically that are legitimate, informed, defensible, and sensible. Not so much for the purpose of promoting our moral agenda, but to lay a foundation for the propagation of the gospel.

Recently I read the words of a young lady who said to her conservative friends, "When I say you enjoy white privilege, I'm not claiming that you haven't had to overcome obstacles in life. I'm saying that the color of your skin was not one of those obstacles."

She's right.

Think about it. Why does that have to be said?

It has to be stated because too many white Christian conservatives hunker down in defiance and defensiveness at the slightest sign of our culture being threatened? As I've pointed out before, if we who are Christians will fight the hardest and the loudest against actual injustice, then the devil and his crew won't be able to stand piously on terrain that we should have taken.

So, rather than just shouting our opposing political mantras, let's talk to those around us who will listen. Let's find out what they actually know and what they really believe and stand for. Let's discover who they are listening to and let's earn the right to speak truth into their lives.

I know some social media warriors who should be influenced for the good and the right. I don't need to make fun of them or belittle them. They need to consider the whole of what they are connecting themselves with. If they are willing to defend "Black queer and trans folks" and "all Black lives along the gender spectrum," then we have a bigger problem on our hands.

I repeat (from Romans 1) that the gay/lesbian lifestyle (and all the other brands of sexual rebellion that are springing up constantly) is the end of sin in a culture. Read Romans 1. Read it. It is both a choice and a chastisement. The only step beyond this one is destruction. Divine judgment.

Don't participate in or lend your approval to any movement that defends or promotes the dismantling and redefining of God's 1st institution. But as you fight, do it wisely. Fight the real battle, not the feint intended to distract and entrap us.

Justice will come. Sin is sin and it will be judged.

The ONLY solution is submission to Christ.

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